Circus Book



Hardbound cloth with tipped on image
90 duotone plates
128 pages
8 x 11 3/4 inches

ISBN 0-9789840-0-3


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“Kimberly expresses the inexpressible in a split second. The feeling never leaves, the feeling that we know all, and yet nothing. These images are to be felt more than seen. We are shown a part of our soul, the place that haunts and terrorizes us. Through these images we are challenged to deal with our darker side.”

Graham Nash
Nash Editions, Los Angeles

“Gremillion forces us to confront the reality that the world cannot be contained or explained by surfaces; she leads us unerringly across thresholds into another and richer world. Her subtle images, beautifully crafted and vibrant with imagination, do indeed generate tension, disquiet, and undoubted pleasure. Her explorations of the 'optical unconscious' bespeak a reality that never fails to intoxicate.”

Richard Newby
Black & White Magazine, Los Angeles

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